Adding Drama to your Windows

Windows with original blinds

Windows with original blinds

There are window coverings, and then there are STATEMENTS.  One of the easiest ways to change a room is by adding curtains.  Anybody can put up a rod and hang some panels, but to achieve a “wow” factor?

Window with panels too low

Window with panels too low

Add height. Bringing curtain rods up higher than the actual window frame, as well as wider on both sides; will create the illusion your room is both larger, and your ceilings taller. Make sure to measure how high you want your rod to be, and compare with the drape sizing available. One of my favorite effects with drapery is  “floor-to-ceiling”, but I often can’t find panels long enough. That’s when I head to the fabric store: more fabric than you can imagine, and in any length you need. Either they can hem the ends, or have your tailor do it.

Now that's a window!

Now that’s a window!

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