Giving New Life to Vintage

Probably 99.9% of the population want brand new things when it comes to home items. However, your rooms can start to lack charm and personality without a nod to the past. Even in a new modern home, an antique art piece can soften a room, while a sleek men’s office could feel nostalgic with old trophies or vintage lighting.

For this project, I was looking for a white sideboard / console that I could use in an office space. I could have gone with something sleek and shiny, but decided to find a vintage piece to convert. This is what I found:

Console (before)

Console (before)

Yep, you’re thinking the same thing I am- ugly. However, a little imagination and some paint go a long way. Don’t be afraid of a project like this- the payoff after the time and love put into something like this is definitely worth it! When the seller told me he didn’t have a white version, he offered to paint it for me. Now this piece is old and heavy, so I took him up on the offer. However, when it came to me, it was a dull and powdery white. As the saying goes, “If someone can’t do it correctly, you might as well do it yourself.”

The "white" paint getting a high gloss makeover.

The “white” paint getting a high gloss makeover.

I sanded down the layer of paint, and went over it with a brilliant white, high gloss spray. Many coats were used in this process. Of course, I had one minor additional problem. I already had a white desk, but the whites were off. So The desk itself got a new paint job.

Painting the desk white

Painting the desk white

After both had dried, and new knobs were applied (lead crystal with gold detail), They were finally ready to become an actual set- and complete the updated vintage office look!

The finished look

The finished look

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