A Little Paint goes a Long Way

When decorating a room, many people forego one very important step- painting the walls. Most often, people will just put up some framed art, a mirror, or sometimes nothing at all. This draws your eyes to only the floor and the furniture, and makes your rooms look small and furnishings look lonely.

Many people who don’t own a house, or rent; will oversee the painting because they feel they “don’t want to waste the money if they don’t live there”, and “will have to pay to paint it back before moving out”. This is not the case. The amount of time spent in your home is so much more valuable when you enjoy it and make it your own. The cost vs. happiness is definitely outweighed. Also, the majority of landlords will appreciate the time and upkeep you are doing to their place.

Every former apartment I have lived in, the first thing I did was paint. One place I lived in for 4 years- I repainted the rooms probably 2 or 3 times. When I moved out I didn’t paint them back, and the owner was fine with it- I had improved their space.  With another former apartment; when it was shown to new potential tenants- they asked to have the walls kept the way they were (even had wallpapered walls)!

So don’t be afraid of going for it. Paint changes everything!

If you notice with the rooms I’ve shown, I have used dark paint. People feel the rule with dark colors is that it will make the room look to small. I say, “if a room looks small, it’s because it is”. The dark colors actually create definition, drama, and contrast; as opposed to a lighter color which tends to compliment a room, not make it stand out.

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