Choosing a Color- Themed Holiday: Winter White

The Holidays are a long festive time filled with friends, dinners and parties- which means a bunch of frenzy, Christmas sweaters, color and personality. Every year, we choose a Holiday color theme that will be incorporated throughout the house. It provides cohesiveness to the environment you are providing your guests- as well as keeping you sane. This year we chose to do peaceful Winter White. To break it up, we included metallics, mainly silver; along with hints of gold, bronze, crystal, and glitter. Check out the pictures below for this years decor, and I will break down the easy how-to steps!

photo 1-9

Our home was already neutral with whites and grays, so that was a plus. Buying some metallic silver holiday pillows, and adding a white Amaryllis in a holiday pot finishes a crisp look. An added touch? Silver spray painted cranberries to top off the potted plant!


The mantle is always a focal piece in the house, aside from the tree. Usually people go all out with swag, and it can look busy and cluttered. We didn’t want the already detailed and  ornate stonework to be overshadowed, so it was kept minimal. Simple lit garland entwined with silver acorns kept it clean, while added height with Paper Whites in glazed white pots created height. Of course, there cannot be a chimney for Santa without stockings- these white faux fur were one of the the best finds this year! Three stockings are hung by silver mantle pieces, while the other two are bronze and crystal.


Of course, the tree. Applying only clear lights, and every existing ornament we already had in white, silver, metallic, or glass. Then picking up a few items- silver bell garland, icicle drips, snowflakes, silver acorns (again, creating an even theme/flow throughout) and my favorite; the piece-de-resistance: our silver crown tree topper! After first seeing it in a design catalog, this was actually the idea which started our theme.


Now this might be going to the next level for some, but I definitely love the result. Choosing the wrapping paper to stick with the color theme. It’s such a crisp and clean look on Christmas morning, and as people have said, “it looks like it’s out of a catalog!” Well, that’s the whole idea in the end- to have a picture perfect holiday! As you can see, even certain brands will create or option special holiday edition wrapping or packaging- which makes it easy!


Side tables, or other areas can provide perfect places for extra holiday decor. In sticking with our theme, the glass vitrines (which we change monthly depending on season or holiday) were filled with white and silver ornaments, and candy. One jar has only silver wrapped chocolates; the other, white peppermint m&ms- both of which are easy to find during this time of year, and it creates an inviting reason for guests to come and enjoy!


Lastly, we added floral finishing touches throughout the home. The tall white vase is home to dried branches; some are plain, others are coated in silver or “crystal/glitter snow”. To bring in just a little bit of holiday warmth, the bouquets are kept simple- white flowers, with just a touch of red berries. The evergreen branches create volume, provide a wonderful scent with the roses, and of course; a little added “snow spray” continues the white theme!

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