Back to Basics: Black & White

The simplicity that is black and white; and not to be confused with old or boring. Using these 2 colors (or non-colors, as some would argue) can be the building steps to creating a fresh, clean and dramatic look to your homes. 


Starting with lighting, it can be a huge change to add something dramatic and black. Many think black lighting is too gothic, but it can also just add drama to an all white room, or toughen up a space with its color. If you don’t want too much black, you can always try a clear/crystal lighting, and either add dark shades, or place it in a dark room to add brightness. Remember, once the fixture’s turned on, there is light!


Lets now address accessories. Adding just the right piece of art, whether formal or whimsical, can bring you just a touch of glamour.  Have fun with pillows, like these shown (patent faux croc and cowhide, against a black leather couch) which add depth and texture. Coffee table books in a tray keep the accessories consistent,  while still inviting guests to peek. A great feature can be wallpaper- with literally thousands to choose from, you can definitely find something right for you, even if it’s just an accent wall. Want a playful addition? A white greyhound statue added to the mix will make your place feel regal and protected!


Providing guests with hidden nooks of simple color make both the spaces stand out on their own, as well as providing a chic and clean color pallet as a backdrop. 


Finally, styling your home to entertain. Crystal, metallics, and glass create strong lines, while helping reflect light against dark walls and furniture. While fluffy white flowers bring softness and a welcoming tone. Playing patters against each other is also a fun way to bring life to your black and white space. Upholstered chairs with luxe dinnerware, against modern lines of a vase and flatware, combined with linens and glasswares- all keeping in line with color blocking- provide a feast for the eyes… no food needed! 

1 thought on “Back to Basics: Black & White

  1. I don’t think black and white will ever be perceived as old and boring. I agree with what you say, you can go all out gothic, but you can use black subtly to highlight ares and create fabulous/striking contrasts, or moody, sumptuous spaces. I love pic 8 – the jet black wall with circular white mirror and gorgeous upholstered bench – the balance is perfect, the bench adds real character and charm, whilst the wall piece looks stylish and different. The black chandelier is gorgeous too – it pulls the ceiling into the room, rather than having a vast dead space above your head.

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