Creating Romance: Valentine’s Day Dinner at Home

The second month of the year is upon us, and that means seeing RED! Of course, that could mean 2 things: you are in love and want to share this month with your significant other; or you are single and don’t want to be alone. Well, luckily I have dinner decor solutions for both! (Even for you guys out there- pay attention! The ladies want to be pampered!)

If you are in a relationship, make the evening special by making it intimate. If you can, start by setting up in a cozy nook of the house, against a window with a view, or possibly in bed? Of course you can use the obvious dining room table, but make it feel like date night in a different part of the house- create something unexpected. Next, layer on the red! Red, burgundy, pink, maybe even purples, so that the impact really gives it a wow factor. If you have any dish ware, bowls, china, glasses, etc. that have those colors, don’t be afraid to overload it. In this case, it can never be too much!

Polish it up with nice stemware- making sure to have BOTH champagne and wine glasses- after all, you will be celebrating, and not want to have to leave the table 🙂 Add fresh flowers (roses, tulips, something exotic like red ginger), candles, tea lights, (scented or not), and make sure when placing them to keep it low and out of the view line- you want to be glancing in each others eyes all night!


Now for all you single ladies who don’t want to be alone, (or if you just want to host a Vday dinner) throw a “single ladies dinner party”! Dress up the table with your best; same ideas as above, but now take it to the “fun” level. Placing glass jars filled with different candies and chocolates make it fun to sneak some treats. Use of glittery or silver/metallic reflective pieces creating a fun, dancing glow against candlelight. Again, load up on the flowers- not only do they look beautiful and inviting to touch, they fill the house with such a wonderful scent! Make sure to have plenty of champagne and wine (at both ends of the table!) to either celebrate your freedom, or help drown your sorrows! After all, it can’t be that bad if you’re surrounded by fabulous decor and friends!

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