Green with Envy: St. Patrick’s Day

One of the most overlooked “holidays”, St. Patrick’s day is mostly known for green beer, corned beef and cabbage. Gone are the college days of the pub crawl; yet every year almost everyone participates in some way or another, usually by wearing something green (or getting pinched if you’re not!).  I happen to be partly Irish, and it’s also the day of my parent’s wedding anniversary- plenty of reasons to celebrate!

Either way, decorating the home or having a fun themed dinner is always a pleasant way to celebrate this month, whether you’re Irish or not! Who turns down good food and beer?


Start by getting your hands on as much green as you can- It’s hard to miss at all the stores.  Most often, it’s a monotonous sea of garish Kelley Green; but here I’ll show you how to break it up, and make it have an elegant feel. Green wrapped candies, mints, and chocolates are great treats; mini Leprechaun hats and 4-leaf clovers make fun party favors; and of course: flowers.



Choosing different tones of green, as well as different heights, create depth and bring a dramatic element to your flowers. Break it up with a classic white filler flower; and you have full, vibrant arrangement. I love the way the bright fluffy green hydrangeas fill out the vase, leaving the tall bell stalks to bring volume. Place around the house to bring a fresh, green glowing flow.


For the “fun stuff” (i.e.: guest treats), display in different shaped vases, bowls, and canisters. Filled with candy, and favors is a great way to not only bring green into the room; but your guests as well!


And last, but definitely not least…  the dinner table. A place to gather with friends and family, enjoy hearty food, and drink ’til content!


Starting with linens, choosing different shades of green will bring depth and layers. When choosing china and glassware, break out anything with gold trim… Gold is a huge part of the Irish day! These plates and champagne glasses both have gold trim, and bring a gleam and warmness to the table. Keep it simple with low flowers. Here I used continuing hydrangeas to continue the flow, and give a great pop of an unusual green. Lastly, white candles keep it classic: however a combination of green tapers or pillars with gold candleholders would be a great way to bring a richer feel to the table.


All you need to add is the friends, food, and drink! For the non- beer drinkers (or wine lovers), most bottles are made of green glass, so it makes a welcome addition to the table!

Cheers- to hopes of finding your pot o’ gold!

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