A Front Door Facelift

The entry to your home is an important, yet often overlooked aspect in decorating; it sets the tone of your life, and who YOU are. It can welcome guests with a feeling of good energy, carry wonderful scents, and provide ease and comfortability. If you own a home, most often a garage is the point of entry, and the owner rarely uses the front door. Figuring out what works for you, maintenance-wise, is key. If you’re going to add potted plants, will you remember to water them? Do you have a path or steps that need lighting to guide guests? Do your friends have a difficult time finding your home due to lack of a visual address?

Here we start with a “plain ol'” entrance. A faded door, no address posted, dead plants, and sad looking steps. It looks like this could be a winter picture, however it is springtime in LA.

With this entrance now changed, a whole new life and energy has been brought to the home! The door was repainted, not only in a rich, dark color; but also in a semi-gloss, to create a luxe feel. Instead of changing out the existing weathered handles and locks (which can get expensive), they were repainted in a rich tone that still reflects the colors of the house. An address plaque was ordered in matching tones, and instead of adding to the door (which is dark at night), was attached to the building under the “welcome light”- thus making it easy for guests to find.

New trees were planted, here olive trees; perfect for a Mediterranean style home. In staying in style with the existing pieces, new planters (same shape) but with a glaze (like the new door), reflect the polish, and provide depth to the appearance. Planting a variety of succulents keeps them easy to maintain, and don’t be afraid to mix and match- create height with tall, soften with big and round, and have some drip down the side. Or if you want to add color, plant flowers that bring you a sense of happiness- and remember about seasonal changes!

Noticing there are plenty of steps where one could stumble, lantern were placed accordingly. The lanterns’ oxidized metal look was chosen to reflect those of the tree planters, creating a cohesive look.The great thing about these is that they can be moved around to different levels; bringing light to various areas. Also, for those worried about leaving candles unobserved, a perfect solution- remote battery operated! With just a touch on your remote, candle on or off (you can find them at most stores carrying home goods).

Lastly, a new welcome mat was added. Depending on your climate, seasons, etc; have a few stored away, and bring out when appropriate. For the majority of the year, find one that means something to you. It can be grand, monogrammed, modern- and I prefer oversized… make a statement!

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