Halloween Entertaining

Halloween is by far my most favorite holiday. So much in fact, that I don’t do the traditional crazy decorating… I don’t want to “work” on Halloween, I want to go out and ENJOY it! However, I must admit to loving fall entertaining with a hint of Halloween. Here you will find this years “tablescape” and “entry bar”, with a little info on how to achieve the look.

Start with anything black & white, as it sets a great foundation. As you may already know, I love to mix metals; so don’t be afraid to use both silver AND gold. Most people associate spooky Halloween as cold and dark- black, white, and silver. But I’m a “more is more” person, and adding gold or bronze, as well as the definitive orange, really add a gleaming glow in the candlelight. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns- its all about texture: it creates depth! Here you can see the place settings are strictly black, white, silver; and a hint of gold with the silverware. Black wineglasses finish the moody look. I used both gold and black candlestick holders, with white and bronze candles, as well as gold glass pumpkin vases- as pillar holders. Use tapers to bring height to a table; but remember to not block any diners views!

Low and long flower groupings provide the fall warmth, and a scattering of mini pumpkins make it festive. Being adults, my favorite “spirit” to celebrate Halloween with is Champagne; and what better brand than Veuve Clicquot? They are already known for their infamous Yelloween Parties, so why not continue at home? Here I happen to have a Veuve bucket, but using a large skull bucket at the end of the table keeps the bottles close by!

I always like to start dinner guests off with drinks, while still getting into the theme of the party. If you have an area to create a “bar”, go for it. Set before the table, it provides guests with a party kickoff. My go-to Bar stand is the one from West Elm, as its collapsible, storable, and interchangeable with different colored trays. Adding lanterns throughout the home- on floors, in windowsills- not only help bring a spooky atmosphere, but bring flickering light to unsuspecting corners.

Here is another option- more of a long display area, to create an actual “bar” feel. Bucket set up can hold many bottles, an area for glassware, and a highlighted area to drop off the always appreciated guest bottle! (Find some fun Halloween towels to keep on hand- as you don’t want ice water dripping everywhere).

Lastly, there is a fun wine I think is definitely appropriate for Halloween. Its called “Poizin”, and it’s actually from my hometown of Healdsburg, in Sonoma County! Not only are the bottles so cool with the etched skulls and dripping wax seal, but they come in a coffin..! How perfect is that? (also to note- the bottle’s theme colors can be chosen to your preference! Here I chose a neutral Silver).

Happy Halloween!


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