Brian Toth is a true Californian. From growing up in Sonoma County training in equestrian sports, to moving to Los Angeles and getting into the entertainment industry, Brian learned early on how success comes from hard work and determination.  Deciding that his love for fashion was greater, Brian worked 19 years in the business; making his mark as a Visual Merchandiser for luxury brands such as Prada, Giorgio Armani and Hugo Boss. Taking that knowledge, it only came natural to move into interior design. After completing his first LA home in 2013 and an NYC apartment in 2015, design request started coming in, and Brian Toth Lifestyle was created. Brian is currently working on his 3rd home in Hancock Park, bringing a French- inspired house back to its roots, while updating it with modern elements. 

Design Philosophy in 3 words: “Luxurious, Sophisticated, Inviting”

Design Inspiration: “French Chateaus, Hotel living, Tropical vacations”

Design Aesthetic: “Layers, textures, colors, patterns…. or monotone!”

Design Rules: “sometimes less is more, sometimes more is more; it can go either way. Either decision calls for one to be surrounded by what they feel is their ultimate utopia.”